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AME Innovations Baseball Accubat Helper 20 oz "Fungo" Bat

AME Innovations Baseball Accubat Helper 20 oz "Fungo" Bat
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Product Description

*** With the AME Innovations Baseball Accubat Helper 20 oz "Fungo" Bat, now you can enlist mom, dad or the kids to easily hit grounders, pop-ups and line-drives accurately. ***

*** The Accubat is perfect for fielding practice, baseball or softball camps or your own backyard. ***

*** With the Coaches Helper, you will experience power and accuracy without fatigue. ***

*** The Accubat is your answer to consistent repetition for all your practice drills. ***

*** The Accubat hitting surface is a full 90 inches square. ***

*** Anyone can provide quality baseball practice drills with infield pop-ups, line drives or ground balls. ***

*** The Coaches Helper weighs 20 ounces and is red in color. ***

There is a limited 6 month warranty for quality of construction of your Coach's Helper. Should anything break (excluding net) in normal usage, complete the card on the back of your manual and mail your damaged Coach's Helper with a copy of you sales receipt showing date of purchase. Also indicate the reason for your return to receive your replacement.