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BatAction Youth Hitting Machine

BatAction Youth Hitting Machine<br>for ages 12 and under
BatAction Youth Hitting Machine
for ages 12 and under
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Product Description

*** Baseball BatAction YOUTH HITTING Machine This is a "brand new" unit for ages 12 and under. Designed especially for the "YOUTH PLAYER" and "DEDICATED PROSPECT" that shows the desire and skill to become an excellent baseball player! ***

*** The BatAction closely simulates real pitching. Baseball players can practice batting alone even when dad is at work or out of town. Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed! Best warranties in the business! It makes hitting practice a fun year-round activity enjoyed at home! ***

*** The BatAction ball rotates giving the batter practice hitting a moving ball. When the ball is hit, the ball rotates forward, slows down, and comes back to the batter for the next swing. ***

*** The batter hits ball after ball without having to chase or gather balls. The machine can be used indoors or outdoors. This machine is as good as you've heard it is! ***

*** The BatAction is self-contained and requires no nets or screens. Sets up in minutes without tools. No baseballs to chase. ***

*** The BatAction is suitable for heavy-duty team or school use. Right and left handers can work together without having to stop and adjust the machine! ***

*** There is absolutely nothing better for developing skill, batspeed, confidence, power and aggressiveness than the BatAction. You can spend more money, but you will certainly not find a better machine for everyday home and team practice! Order your BatAction batting machine today! ***

*** The BatAction Youth unit is a portable unit that quickly disassembles for transport or storage. This unit comes with the Nedco"square insert" Ball Component. ***

Youth Model -
now includes 4 legs
now includes 3 bands
carrying bag
new color-black with metallic flakes
powder coat finish
newly designed top component and impact head
flared legs with rubber coating on bottom
pre-greased column housing
impact head is 46"
90 day warranty