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Glovemate - Stop the Sting

Glovemate - Stop the Sting
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Product Description

*** Glovemate - Stop the Sting is the Ultimate hand protection for catching baseballs. ***

*** Recommended for all ages, Glovemate is designed by a professional baseball player for pros but priced for everyone. ***

*** Glovemate is a necessity for fielders and a must for catchers! ***

*** Glovemate attaches quickly, stays in place, does not hinder your ball-glove's "flex action" and has no trampoline effect... IT WORKS! ***

*** Finally, Stop the Sting! You won't know you have it on... except when you don't feel the sting! ***

*** Glovemate is the fastest growing new baseball/softball product in the U.S. ***

*** Glovemate, the new product uniquely designed to stop the sting and pains from catching baseballs and softballs, was invented by Tampa, Florida native Jeff Greenhalgh. ***