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Hit-n-Stik Baseball Swing Trainer

Hit-n-Stik Baseball Swing Trainer
Hit-n-Stik Baseball Swing Trainer
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Product Description

Hit-n-Stik Baseball Swing Trainer

The original Hit-n-Stik is quite simply one of the most effective and versatile batting drill devices available. Its strength lies in its sheer simplicity.

It resembles a baseball on the hitting end. This baseball is attached to a long flexible shaft made of fiberglass compound. The flexible shaft is connected to an easy grip handle that is held by the coach or drill partner.

The result is a simple, safe, controlled, and non-threatening batting aid that has proven to dramatically improve the hitting stance, contact, and bat control. Unlike imitations, when striking the Hit-n-Stik, there is very little "sting". Great for all level of players.


    Durable and Safe
      Great for Pre-Game Warm Ups
        Creates an Instant Hitting Station
          Weighs only about 2 lbs.
            For Youth thru Professional level players
              Ideal Training Aid for Coaches and Parents
                41" Length Transports Easily
                  The Original and still The Best