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The HitMaster GroBat Baseball Training Bat

The HitMaster GroBat Baseball Training Bat
The HitMaster GroBat Baseball Training Bat
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Product Description

The HitMaster GroBat Baseball Training Bat

Improve Your Hitting with the Bat that Grows with You!

  • The HitMaster GroBat is a small diameter bat designed to be used only with the Personal Pitcher practice golf balls. It features a moveable Sweetspot Simulator pad that tells the batter that he is using the correct area on the bat, the "sweetspot." Since this area is smaller than that of a regular bat, the hand-eye coordination and confidence of the batter improve dramatically!

  • Unlike other bats, the HitMaster GroBat can easily be modified in both length and weight, and comes equipped with a moveable choke-up collar and a set of weights from 2 to 9 ounces. This allows it to mimic any bat, from 28"/19 oz. to 34"/31 oz. and anything in between. This unique ability to change the weight and length of the HitMaster GroBat makes it available to be used by multiple players of different ages and heights, or by one player who is growing quickly!

  • These features allow the HitMaster GroBat to be used as a lightweight "stick" to develop quick speed through the zone, or it can be over-loaded to develop and stretch the large muscle groups as well as strengthen the hands and wrists. This type of practice should be between 20 to 30 percent of your practice regimen. The rest of the time, use your GroBat with the same weight and length as your game bat.

  • Practicing with the HitMaster GroBat optimizes the most important aspects of your hitting game...bat speed, power, and hand-eye coordination!

  • Includes 1" Choke-up Collar & 2 to 9 oz. insertable Weight-Pac.

    The HitMaster GroBat in Action!

    Pick the right size GroBat:

    Regular Bat is 27" to 29", then select a 30" Grobat Jr.
    Regular Bat is 30" to 31", then select a 32" Grobat.
    Regular Bat is 32" to 34", then select a 33" or 34" Grobat.

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