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Mattingly Beast T-Ball V-GRIP Aluminum Baseball Bat

Mattingly Beast T-Ball V-GRIP<br>Aluminum Baseball Bat
Mattingly Beast T-Ball V-GRIP
Aluminum Baseball Bat
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Product Description

Mattingly Baseball Beast T-Ball V-GRIP Aluminum Baseball Bat is available in four lengths.

Unleash the BEAST within!

  • V-Grip technology creates perfect alignment for maximum bat speed
  • Aluminum bat with Beast grahics just like the big kids
  • Beast Grip
  • 24", 25", or 26"
  • 2 1/4" barrel diameter
  • -10 drop

    V-GRIP Bat

    The V-Grip allows the batter to maximize the power of the swing by placing the bat in the proper position in the hands during the swing and keeps the bat from turning in the hands during the swing.

    The Technology

     Mattingly Baseball V-GRIP technology Mattingly brings you the world's first bat on the market with the patented V-Grip technology which helps the batter to deliver the sweet spot to the ball and generate additional bat head speed. The Mattingly V-Grip is specifically designed to keep the knocker knuckles aligned and shift the bat away from the palm and into the fingers-- correctly "power-loading" your energy forcing your grip to be in perfect alignment every time for perfect follow-through.

    The V-Grip bat has a stiff handle and taper section, which transfers more energy than other manufacturers flexible "whip" handle to promote power at the point of impact. Some manufacturers are promoting bat engineering intended to get the best "whip" at point of impact. This theory works in golf, where the target is stationary but not in baseball where the target is moving -- if the bat is flexing to provide "whip", when the ball hits, it will actually absorb energy and reduce the distance the ball will travel.