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MaxBat Pro Model MBX Maple Wood Baseball Bat

MaxBat Pro Model MBX Maple Wood Baseball Bat<br><i>Available in 1/2" sizes!</i>
MaxBat Pro Model MBX Maple Wood Baseball Bat
Available in 1/2" sizes!
Item# 410-01-008
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Product Description

The most popular new style in the Majors is now available from MaxBat. The MaxBat Pro Model MBX Maple Wood Baseball Bat has a tapered 15/16" handle which flares into its" trademark knob. The enlarged knob acts as a counter weight to the barrel's 2 1/2" diameter, making the MBX baseball bat well balanced in your hands. The flared handle is also designed to protect the vulnerable hamate bone from bruising.

Approved by Major League Baseball in 2002, MaxBats have been making a big hit on the professional scene since Mark Kotsay of the San Diego Padres became the first Major Leaguer to step into the box with one of the hardest and strongest bats in baseball.

MaxBats are turned from straight grained sugar maple harvested from the hardwood timber regions of Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, and Quebec. These areas of North America produce the hardest of hardwoods, which is why only wood from this part of the globe is good enough to become a MaxBat.

MaxBats are made from the absolute best maple on the planet. We use a select species of sugar maple grown in timber regions where only the hardiest maple trees flourish. We use this superior wood to ensure that your bat will be one of the hardest and strongest bats you will ever use to hit a baseball.

*** Available with a 15/16" handle and a 2 1/2" barrel. ***

*** Choice of weight drop from +2.0 to -2.0. ***

*** Made by the MaxBat Company ***

Please allow two to three weeks for your order to ship
because these baseball bats are special, custom bats.