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MetalWood Youth Baseball Bat Model 157

MetalWood Youth Baseball Bat Model 157<br><i>Metal handle with a bamboo wood barrel.</i>
MetalWood Youth Baseball Bat Model 157
Metal handle with a bamboo wood barrel.
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Product Description

The MetalWood Youth Baseball Bat 157 is a simple idea:
a wood bat that doesn't break.

When players practice with wood they become better hitters, simple as that. The sweet spot is smaller than that of a metal bat, forcing players to concentrate on their mechanics. Wood bats are less forgiving than metal bats, helping to quickly develop a consistent, precise swing. The balance and weight force players to drive the bat through the strike zone, increasing bat speed - the key to hitting with power. If you're serious about becoming a better hitter, you must learn to hit with a wood bat.

But wood bats break. It's a fact that 99% of wood bats break at the handle.

MetalWood Bat's handle is metal, making The MetalWood Bat the strongest wood baseball bat availiable, bar none. It's the best baseball bat for batting practice and for the difficult transition from metal to wood. The MetalWood Bat is not an easy fix. It's not a silver bullet or magic pill. It takes hard work and practice. But if you're up to the challenge, The MetalWood Bat will help you get to that next level, the level where everyone wants you at the plate in the bottom of the ninth.

Available in lengths from 26" to 32" with an approximate -5 to -7 weight drop and a 2 1/4" laminated bamboo barrel. Natural wood with black lettering.

MetalWood Bats Warranty

All MetalWood Bats have a sixty day warranty, the longest wood bat warranty in the world. The warranty entitles any bat owner to the replacement or repair of their MetalWood Bat if it should break or otherwise suffer damage under normal batting conditions. Misuse or abuse to the wood barrel is not covered. Abusive activity includes, but is not limited to, any activity other than practicing or playing with the bat. The bat should be treated like a wooden bat in care and maintenance procedures.