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Muhl Tech - Baseball Single Skills Tee (SST)

Muhl Tech - Baseball Single Skills Tee (SST)
Muhl Tech - Baseball Single Skills Tee (SST)
Item# 570-70-004
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Product Description

The Muhl Tech - Baseball Single Skills Tee (SST) is designed to withstand heavy team usage and high bat speeds and, the SST is as functional as it is rugged. Extremely durable, the tubing for the SST is molded from polyurethane (the same elastomer material used to make dimpled pitching machine balls).

The Single Skills Tee (SST) comes with a movable base which allows you to quickly position the ball inside or outside and off the plate to properly represent various pitch locations and correct ball contact points.

Optional Pitch Location Mat (PLM) [Regular price: $24.95] - The Pitch Location Mat (PLM) shows proper contact points and the direction to drive pitches that are inside, outside or down the middle. Inside and outside contact points are marked for both right and left handed hitters as well as down the middle. In fact, the pitch location mat is an excellent tool for soft toss or live arm drills. It's a great tool for both beginners and experienced ball players to actually see where the ball is pitched and learn to hit to all fields. Save $5.00 [$19.95] when ordered with the Brush Top Tee.