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Muhl Tech - Tru-Toss Baseball Hitting Machine Trainer

Muhl Tech - Tru-Toss Baseball Hitting Machine Trainer
Muhl Tech - Tru-Toss Baseball Hitting Machine Trainer
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Product Description

*** The Muhl Tech - Tru-Toss Baseball Hitting Machine Trainer Adult/Youth is the first non-electric soft toss unit to deliver the baseball from the ground up as if you had a partner. Best of all, this hitting machine is only half the price of more expensive electric models. ***

*** The Tru-Toss uses a manual release lever that you tap with your bat when ready. You have a full 4-5 seconds to get set before the baseball rebounds into your hitting zone. It's amazing! ***

*** Muhl Tech - Tru-Toss has taken a steel frame and placed an 11" square tightly strung racket in the center. The racket pivots and has adjustable knobs. This construction allows you to adjust the angle with which the baseball comes off the rebounder into the hitting zone. You can easily adjust the height the baseball is delivered by raising and lowering the baseball holder at the tripod. The baseball can be delivered to the hitting zone at any height you choose between 20" and 55". Easily adjusts for all ages and sizes. ***

*** The versatility of the rebounder is one thing that makes the Tru-Toss better than even electric models. The more you angle the rebounder, the faster and further the baseball will bounce. You can raise up the ball release unit and add angle to the rebounder to do "back toss or curve ball drills". You can even position the unit to deliver the baseball from a front angle to simulate a slider from either side. You can even work specific areas from the front such as inside pitch locations or outside pitch locations. You or your kids can do all of this without the aid of a partner or the need for electricity. ***

*** The Tru-Toss is a fantastic baseball training tool for coaches which will free them up to watch kids get quality work in (the Tru-Toss is consistent and doesn't play around) and observe swing habits from different angles. ***

*** The Tru-Toss is more fun than tee work and allows any age level to get in hundreds of quality cuts in less than an hour without a partner and holds 15 baseballs at a time. ***