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Muhl Tech Baseball Training Muhl Balls

Muhl Tech Baseball Training Muhl Balls [3-Pack]
Muhl Tech Baseball Training Muhl Balls [3-Pack]
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Product Description

Muhl Tech Baseball Training Muhl Balls [3-Pack]

Muhl Balls by Muhl Techhelp teach hitters to drive through ball contact while helping develop strength in the wrist and forearms.

Each Muhl Ball weighs 1 pound and is 20". By comparison, volleyballs are 27". They force baseball hitters to be more precise with contact than old deflated basketballs or volleyballs.

Muhl Balls are tough yet spungy! Each ball is made by hand to our precise specifications. They are made using a light foam core that is coated with a durable yet flexible polyurethane formulation.

The poly coating is an extremely tear resistant elastomer, the same material in pitching machine balls. Life cycle before breakdown is typically 4-6 years.

They absorb bat impact extremely well. Reducing bat recoil often associated with inflatable balls.

Muhl Balls can be used with wood bats, aluminum bats or even a Muhl Tech training bat.

  • Developed to be a more portable version of Muhl Tech's popular Power Bag.
  • Teaches hitters to drive their hips through the contact point.
  • Promotes good hand position at contact. Palm up/ Palm down.
  • Encourages hitters to keep their weight back and not lunge to the ball.
  • Small enough to be used by pitchers/fielders for arm conditioning and stretching.