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PALMGARD Adult Professional DURA-TACK Tackified Batting Gloves

PALMGARD Adult Professional DURA-TACK Tackified Batting Gloves
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Product Description

*** The PALMGARD Adult Professional DURA-TACK Tackified batting glove is the ultimate batting glove to improve your batting average. The exclusive DURA-TACK tackified leather palm provides a secure grip and greater bat control. The DURA-TACK tackified batting gloves provide you with quality and performance at a great price. ***

*** These batting gloves have pre-curved fingers and adjustable wrist closure for a secure fit and two-way spandex for maximum breathability and comfort and are permanently tacky and washable. That's right, our leather material can be washed and dried and will not lose its tack. In fact, the glove will dry soft and tacky time after time. ***

*** PALMGARD's DURA-TACK Leather is special: the improved tanning technology creates a permanently tacky surface that is durable, flexible, and lightweight; and dries soft and supple, and actually becomes more soft and supple with use. ***

*** The DURA-TACK Professional Tackified Batting Gloves are available in Adult Sizes S-XXL. These gloves come in the attractive black on grey style seen above and can be purchased only in pair packs. ***