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ProMounds Baseball Premium Batting Cage

ProMounds Baseball Premium Batting Cage<br><i>Choice of three sizes!</i>
ProMounds Baseball Premium Batting Cage
Choice of three sizes!
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Product Description

ProMounds Baseball Premium Batting Cage: Choice of three lengths: 35', 55', or 70'

Premium Nylon Cage Net - 12H * 14W
All of Promounds Premium Batting Cage nets are hand sewn at every mesh with high quality twisted knotted nylon stitching. Their nets are sewn on the square, not the diamond, for a better hang and a cleaner look.

Each net has a lead core rope around the bottom perimeter, ensuring no openings between the ground and your net. A convenient flap door is included on every net, consisting of a 3 foot overlap, allowing one easy but safe access to the cage.

Your net will have a longer life with an included 12ft x 14ft backdrop net, sewn into the top of the cage. Not only will your cage last longer, but athletes behind the batter will be protected from missed balls.

ProMounds' Nylon nets are UV protected from the inside out, combining both the superior breaking strength of nylon netting with the environmental protection your outdoor cages demand.

Batting Cage Kit
ProMounds Backyard Batting Cage Kits have everything you need to hang the perfect practice area for standard cage. Their corner fittings are galvanized and powder coated silver, making them both weather-proof and eye-appealing. ProMounds' Cage Hangers and Galvanized Spring Clips allow proper hanging of the netting.

 ProMounds Batting Cage Kit

Optional Ground Sleeve
ProMounds also offers a galvanized and powder coated silver Ground Sleeve for additional stability, especially in high wind areas or where the cage will remain permanently.

 ProMounds Batting Cage Kit