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Swing Plane Net Training Aid for Baseball

Swing Plane Net for Baseball<br><i>Teaches short compact swing</i>
Swing Plane Net for Baseball
Teaches short compact swing
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Product Description

Swing Plane Net Training Aid for Baseball is a new training aid that teaches the batter the proper plane of the swing for all types of pitches as well as a short compact swing.

 Swing Plane Net

Swing Plane Net Features:
  • Durable And Lightweight
  • Hangs On Fence Or Mesh Nets
  • Protects Bat Barrels
  • Visual Aid For Bat Path
  • Stop Back Shoulder Drop on "High Pitch" or "Rise Ball"
  • Keep Bat Moving Through Strike Zone
  • Teaches Short Compact Swing
  • Teaches Where The Strike Zone Should Be on The High, Middle, & Low Swing Planes
  • Also use for On Deck Hitter Warmup