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The Timit ScoutWatch

The Timit ScoutWatch
The Timit ScoutWatch
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Product Description

The Timit ScoutWatch

Radar guns are OBSOLETE! Keep accurate track of pitch speeds from Pee Wee to Pro with the new, patented Timit ScoutWatch.

Measure the speed of a pitch from any location on the field or in the stands even on someone warming up in the bullpen. It eliminates the need to position yourself behind the catcher as you would with a radar gun.

The Timit ScoutWatch also keeps the pitch count and will display the runners time to first or the catcher release time to second while still capturing the speed of a pitch in MPH. It's amazing!

Defaults to 60' distance when turned on.

ScoutWatch Features:

  • Little League Mode - ScoutWatch measures pitch speed from a distance of 46 feet.
  • Fast Pitch Softball Mode - ScoutWatch measures pitch speeds from both 40 and 35 feet.
  • Also measure the runner's time to first, the catcher release time and pitch count.

    Use the ScoutWatch to measure pitch speed!