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Tips From The Coach: Pitching Baseball DVD

Tips From The Coach: Pitching Baseball DVD
Tips From The Coach: Pitching Baseball DVD
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Product Description

Tips From The Coach: Pitching Baseball DVD is designed to help a young pitcher to not only understand and implement proper pitching mechanics but to aid him to understand what is the pitcher's job and to help him to be a successful pitcher.

  • 5 phases of the pitching delivery

  • Safe and effective off-speed pitches

  • Holding runners and pickoff moves

  • Varying the delivery to compliment different release points

  • Defensive skills for pitchers

  • How to throw a "Bullpen Session"

  • How to field the pitcher's position

  • The truth about "pitch counts"

  • The two primary reasons young pitchers suffer arm injuries

  • Understanding what is the pitchers job

  • In trouble? You need to know how to throw a "Peggy Lee"

    This baseball instruction is the DVD your young pitcher needs to learn to be a successful pitcher and a smarter, more effective pitcher, not just a thrower.

    Coach Bruce Lambin has coached teams that have won many games including World Championships, but has found that the game is about the journey, not the destination. Coach Lambin believes that it is about the lessons learned in life not the trophies.