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Youth Baseball Coaches Tool Kit

Youth Baseball Coaches Tool Kit
Youth Baseball Coaches Tool Kit
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Product Description

The Youth Baseball Coaches Tool Kit is the answer for all levels of coaches. Most of us who are, or plan to be, coaches played baseball in high school, possibly college, and have a good knowledge of the skills necessary to play the game.

The Baseball Coaches Tool Kit supplements your skills knowledge by providing tools to make you a more effective coach. Why reinvent the wheel when everything you need is available in the Tool Kit?

New coaches:

For coaches getting started the Tool Kit shows you how to start a team, provides forms to get organized, instructions on how to determine what to teach in practice, how to organize your practices, sample practice plans, many stations, drills and contests to use in your practices, motivational material to challenge and develop your players, graphics and handouts to use as teaching aids and give to your players.

The tools are on a CD, easy to modify and use. A twelve minute video illustrates how you can use the tools in a productive practice. Example:

Time Activity

3:45 Warm-up

3:50 Drill 1 Base running

4:00 Stations Three stations 15 minutes per station (1)

4:15 Contest 1 King of the Hill

4:20 Stations Three stations 15 minutes per station (1)

4:35 Contest 2 Two Teams Running

4:40 Drill 2 Throwing and Catching

4:50 Stations Three stations 15 minutes per station (1)

5:05 Contest 3 Throwing @ Buckets Team 1 vs. 2

5:10 Words for the Day

5:15 Practice over - Snacks

Experienced Coaches:

For experienced coaches the Tool Kit includes a three session clinic for Outfielders, six Speed and Agility tests, more drills and contests to enhance your practices, handouts such as Players Responsibilities, What Champions Do, the Making of a Champion and a Pre-Game plan for your players. Example:


Know Many Outs There Are

Know When To Run

Call For The Ball

Keep The Ball In Front Of You

Throw To The Right Place

Back Up The Play

Travel Team Coaches:

For travel ball/competitive team coaches the Tool Kit includes over twenty tools especially for travel ball teams such as Team Trips, Chaperones, Team Lunch, Uniforms, pre and post season Player Assessments, a competitive team Coaching Philosophy, a Coach/Player Commitment form, a Liability Waiver, etc and over twenty pages which can be used to build a Team Handbook. Example:




It is one thing to dream high and lofty dreams

but quite another to make those dreams come true.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

says the wise old oriental proverb.

Our dreams for high achievement become reality only when we

are willing to take the first step toward fulfilling them.

Remember this: you can always get to where you want to go,

providing you are willing to start from where you are.

Start doing what you can do, and then

reach out for the things you cannot do now.

If you want to become an excellent baseball player,

and you're not there today, play the best you know how

while you are learning and practicing to be outstanding.

If you can't be perfect, be the best you can be.

It's amazing how close to perfection you can get ... if you try.