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Backyard Baseball Drills (DVD)

Backyard Baseball Drills (DVD)
Backyard Baseball Drills (DVD)
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Product Description

Backyard Baseball Drills DVD is "the most creative sports instructional video ever made." Coach Marty Schupak takes household items and puts them to use as props for some the most creative baseball drills which can be practiced in the convenience of your own backyard. Excellent hitting & fielding drills, as well as fun games, are presented in a simple and effective format.

“Backyard Baseball Drills” is produced by Marty Schupak and the Youth Sports Club who also produced the best selling video/DVD “The 59 Minute Baseball Practice”. "Backyard Baseball Drills" is a creative DVD that shows parents how to teach their kids baseball fundamentals in their own backyard.

Coach Schupak intertwines some great drills for younger kids as well as some advanced drills for older kids. Using props found around one’s house makes for some unbelievable and innovative baseball drills and games. This DVD is a must for the true baseball fan who loves to practice with their kids.

The Youth Sports Club has made this DVD with the highest quality resolution and sound. 32 Minutes.