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Pitching Drills & Techniques DVD

Pitching Drills & Techniques DVD NEW RELEASE !
Pitching Drills & Techniques DVD NEW RELEASE !
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Product Description

Pitching Drills & Techniques DVD explores some of the best drills that are beneficial for youth players, ages 7-12 years old, who have the desire to pitch.

From loosening up the youth pitcher’s arm during pre-game stretches, to arm strengthening drills and accuracy drills, this instructional pitching video is a must for any youth coach or parent who wants their pitchers to do it the right way!

Marty Schupak’s and the Youth Sports Club’s newest release. Pitching Drills & Techniques DVD is the only pitching DVD exclusively for youth players from 7-12 years old. The pitching motion is broken down into a simplified way for the youth parents and coaches to instruct their players in an easy concise manner.

Over 20 drills are included. The drills show youth players the importance of different parts of the body that make up the perfect pitching motion. The wind up, front leg lift, release, and follow-through.

Also included are ten tips for the youth pitcher and a pitch count chart that shows how many pitches should be thrown in a game at various ages.

The Youth Sports Club has made this DVD with the highest quality resolution and sound. 34 Minutes.