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Winning Baseball Strategies (DVD)

Winning Baseball Strategies (DVD)
Winning Baseball Strategies (DVD)
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Product Description

Winning Baseball Strategies DVD goes into some of best coaching strategies and philosophies used at the youth level and has been used by competitive coaches whose baseball teams participate in regional playoffs year after year.

The “Winning Baseball Strategies” was produced by coach Marty Schupak as a follow up to the best selling “59 Minute Baseball Practice”. “Winning Baseball Strategies” goes into some of the best coaching strategies and philosophies used at the youth level.

The DVD was made for the more competitive youth coach and covers such things as: cutoffs and who takes the throw, back up situations, advanced first and third defensive situations, the delayed steal and when to use it, bunting situations, pick off situations, and a variety of advanced skill strategies.

The DVD also contains a Quick Hint section with some great little suggestions and insights. In addition, there are ten bonus coaching tips for a successful season.

Coach Marty Schupak has been recognized by the ABCA (American Baseball Coaches Association) and his DVD and videos have been recommended by the National Alliance of Youth Sports which is the largest amateur coaching training organization in the country.

The Youth Sports Club has made this DVD with the highest quality resolution and sound. 32 Minutes.